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How You Can Be Active and Lazy at the Same Time

Posted on 10-28-2010

There's a lot more you could be doing to bring patients into your dental practice.Don't get me wrong, you are probably very busy, but that doesn't mean that you're necessarily being productive.Let...

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Adding Video Testimonials for Your Website

Posted on 10-27-2010

If you have a website up already for your dental practice, you can now congratulate yourself for that accomplishment.  You've taken a great step towards marketing yourself online.  Now, ...

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Should You Have A Separate Facebook Page For Your Practice

Posted on 10-26-2010

Facebook has now made the advancement that members can now create separate user pages for their businesses without using their personal accounts.This is great news, but at the same time, a lot of ...

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Paying your Dental Referrals Forward

Posted on 10-25-2010

Since the dawn of time, we've kept track of favors coming in and favors going out.  As cavemen (and cavewomen), if we helped others with shelter and food when they were scarce, we wanted dire...

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Easy SEO for Dentists

Posted on 10-21-2010

When promoting the website for your dental practice, you can run into an overwhelming amount of information. Where do you begin?  Do you trade links with other dentists?  Add a site map?...

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Getting Your Web Stats For Real

Posted on 10-20-2010

Dentists who begin working on their internet marketing can run into two types of laziness along the way.  The first is insisting on only using free tools.  You may have a nice little ars...

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Time Management for Dentists

Posted on 10-19-2010

If you're a dentist, than working on your online business goals will always be just a small part of your day.  You have patients coming in and out, billing issues to correct, and a support st...

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Are you trying to get more visitors to your website

Posted on 10-18-2010

When you're competing with other dentists in your area, you might be using your number of weekly visitors to your website as a yardstick.  While it's good to have better traffic numbers as...

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Do You Need a Facebook Page for Your Dental Office

Posted on 10-14-2010

It seems like every month, there's something new you're supposed to add to your online marketing platform for your dental practice. It was hard enough to get a website up.  Then it was ...

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Your Plan to Rank Number One on Google for Dentist

Posted on 10-13-2010

When a client comes to us for SEO help, often the first myth we have to correct is the idea that the end goal of search engine optimization is to rank #1 for your profession's most common keyword....

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