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DentalMatrix Blog

DentalMatrix Blog

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Going the Extra Mile in Your Patient Follow-Up

Posted on 11-30-2010

As a dentist, your patient retention depends on more than how well you do your job.  Having an engaging, updated dental website plays a part, as well as your follow-up system.  The best ...

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Dental Website Testimonial Tips

Posted on 11-29-2010

About a month ago, we talked about how you can use different formats for your testimonials for your dental website, including audio, video, and text.  Today I'm going to go over the actual conten...


Happy Thanksgiving from DentalMatrix!

Posted on 11-24-2010

We're going to be out of the office for Thanksgiving, so we wanted to wish you in advance a happy, joyous Thanksgiving with your families.  We stay constantly active in developing the best de...


Your "Buzz" as a Dentist Online

Posted on 11-23-2010

As you make progress in marketing your dental practice online, you will find that you tend to get mentioned more in other people's websites.  It's good to be getting a little more famous, as ...

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Info-Marketers and Your Dental Business

Posted on 11-22-2010

It's never been easier to launch an internet business, and because of that, we now are faced with countless new internet marketing "experts" who want to sell us the latest trick to domin...

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The "Hidden Treasure Keywords" of Dental SEO

Posted on 11-18-2010

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your Dental Practice can feel difficult to master.  When you first start out, you want to grab all the "big" keywords like "dentist," ...


Ultimate Productivity Secret for Dentists

Posted on 11-17-2010

The marketing side of your dental practice can be intimidating at times.  There's so much to do, and not enough time to do it.  Even doing something like blog post can look daunting when...


The Annoying Computer Errors of Dental Online Marketing

Posted on 11-16-2010

One of the common frustrations of marketing your veterinarian clinic online is dealing with the many computer bugs that come up.  In your website programming, as well as paid and free online ...

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The 3 P's of Successful Dentistry

Posted on 11-15-2010

It's no secret that at DentalMatrix, we provide coaching for our dentists to get the most out of their marketing.  A principle we use is the 3 P's: Proximity, Proficiency, and Personability. ...

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3 Things to Watch on Your Dental Website Analytics

Posted on 11-11-2010

When you get Google Analytics installed and running on your Dental Practice site, the amount of information in front of you can be intimidating to look at.  Here are some basics to get you st...


The Rulebreakers of Dental SEO

Posted on 11-10-2010

One of the main things clients like about DentalMatrix is the SEO coaching to help their website rank well in Google and bring in more patients.  Here are some tips we give them: K...

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The Luxury Dental Practice

Posted on 11-09-2010

On CNN today, you could see a video of a $64,500 Hyundai.Going by typical car prices, that seems like a lot. Most Hyundai's start at 10 grand, with occasional specialty vehicles getting above $20,...

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Why Your Dental Competition Isn't Real

Posted on 11-08-2010

"There are just too many dentists out there..."Faced with the economy, the increasing amount of dentists, and the saturated world of dental ads your prospective patients see every day, y...

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The Secret Pet Peeves of Your Dental Patients

Posted on 11-04-2010

I was browsing a dating blog today where there were stories of people sharing their "Worst Date Ever."One young woman said, "I met this man for dinner downtown, and he had me w...

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You Cannot Be a Fireman and Dentist at the Same Time

Posted on 11-03-2010

Last week, we talked about how you can be unproductive in promoting your dental practice, while still being quite busy.  The hours you are putting into marketing yourself online may be spent ...


Voting and Your Dental Practice

Posted on 11-02-2010

Are you giving your patients a majority vote?However you plan on voting today, your dental practice does not have to be run the same way.In business, if we do any market research at all, we tend t...


Dentists and Keyword Stuffing

Posted on 11-01-2010

When dentists get involved in SEO (search engine optimization), often the first thing they do is shove keywords they want to rank for into anywhere they can.  This creates awkward sentences t...

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