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How Creativity Almost Killed Your Dental Website

Posted on 12-30-2010

In any field or profession, we enjoy being able to express our creativity. In both school and work, the most rewarding projects are usually the ones where we can do things our own way. As a dentis...


Dental Website Link Variety

Posted on 12-29-2010

Yesterday we went into the art of getting backlinks from forums for your dental website. You may have noticed that you often have a choice what word or phrase your link appears as on another site....

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Posting Your Dental Website in Forums

Posted on 12-28-2010

As you promote your dental website online, you can sometimes fall into the trap of posting your URL in every possible place on the internet. Forums may seem like the low hanging fruit in terms of ...

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Networking Tip #7: How to Create Emails for Networking Follow-Up

Posted on 12-27-2010

We went over some follow-up strategies in the last post and today we'll dig deeper into how to use email for this purpose. The value of following up through email is that you can direct the person...

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Networking Tip #6: Mastering the Follow-Up

Posted on 12-22-2010

So far in the Networking Tips series, we've gone through how your business cards should look and how you should be making contact with people and get them to visit your dental website.Today we'll ...

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Networking Tip #5: Promoting (But Not Pushing) Your Dental Website

Posted on 12-21-2010

There was some question about how the "script" was set up for Networking Tip #3. You may have noticed that we present the question "What do you do for work" instead of simply s...


Networking Tip #4: Making the Most of Your Time in the Spotlight

Posted on 12-20-2010

At a recent oral health conference, I was lucky enough to witness an extraordinary networking phenomenon. Someone was suddenly blessed with new exposure to his dental website.One of the seminar sp...

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Networking Tip #3: Starting Conversations about Your Dental Website

Posted on 12-16-2010

There is opportunity all around you to market your practice and dental website.  Think about all the walking sets of teeth around you and how many of them need a good fixing or whitening.&nbs...

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Networking Tip #2: Promoting Your Dental Website with Your Card

Posted on 12-15-2010

Does it seem excessive to have not one... but two posts on business cards in a networking series?It may seem that way, but the fundamental basics of networking are so important that if they're missi...

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Networking Tip #1: Business Cards for Dentists

Posted on 12-14-2010

We realized recently that there isn't enough emphasis on networking for dentists, so we're starting a series on how all of you can network better.  For all the benefits of having a dental web...

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How to Sell Expensive Dental Treatment

Posted on 12-13-2010

You've come a long way to become a dentist.   Beyond college and graduate school, you've also been rigorously tested, and mentored to dental perfection.  Now you have a dental websi...

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Stop Boring Your Patients and Use Edgier Titles

Posted on 12-08-2010

When you're marketing your practice with your dental website, you'll have many opportunities to interact with patients through email blasts and blog posts.  A lot of the time, these writing e...

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Mastermind Groups for Dentists

Posted on 12-07-2010

As a dentist, you can never forget that your profession goes far beyond oral health and treating patients.  You are a business owner, and have your own entrepreneurial goals to reach.  Y...

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Making Things Stupid Easy for Patients on Your Dental Website

Posted on 12-06-2010

Your dental website is up for a reason: to get current and new patients to pick up the phone and call you, as well as get email subscribers.Where most dentists go wrong, is they put their phone nu...

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How the Twin Polarities Affect Your Practice

Posted on 12-03-2010

Your goals as a dentist surely include having a thriving office with plenty of patients paying for expensive procedures.  If you want to know how successful you'll be at this, here is a simpl...




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