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When to Follow Up With Your Dental Website Leads

Posted on 02-28-2011

If you're taking advantage of the "Request an Appointment" feature on your Dental Website, you may be unsure about when you should pick up the phone and talk a new prospect. If someone o...


Google Places is Becoming Essential for Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-24-2011

As you optimize your dental website for the search engines, you may realize there are other things that contribute to your search traffic besides ranking well for keywords. There is a more multi-d...


Backing Up Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-23-2011

Earlier this month we have talked about some simple but missed parts of having a dental website. Today we'll explore something not so related to marketing but absolutely essential.Every website is...


Creating a Call to Action for Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-22-2011

This past week, we covered the importance of having your phone number very visible on your dental website.Today we're going to explore this more deeply and talk about having a call to action. You ...


Why You Should Avoid Blogspot for Your Dental Website Marketing

Posted on 02-21-2011

In the past, we've given recommendations to use free Google tools for your dental website, including Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.Today, we're going to share a free Google tool you shoul...


Can Visitors to Your Dental Website Call You?

Posted on 02-17-2011

Recently, we've talked about best practices for your dental website, mostly in reference to more advanced marketing strategies. Today we're going to go into something a lot more basic.Is your phon...


The Key to Settling Dental Website Marketing Disputes

Posted on 02-16-2011

When you're putting together a plan of attack for your dental marketing website, you will find that you sometimes differ with your staff or marketing consultant on what to do. There's an easy solu...


Marketing Rule-Breaking and Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-15-2011

With your dental website, you may hear some rules about how web marketing should be. Sometimes these rules match your common sense and other times, you feel like you have a better plan. My vie...


Dental Facebook Ad Tip - Connection Targeting

Posted on 02-14-2011

When you create ad campaigns for your dental website, make sure you look over all targeting possibilities. One you might have missed is the "Connections on Facebook" area. Go to "Ad...

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Super-Tracking for your Dental Website

Posted on 02-10-2011

To get the best results from your dental website, you'll have to keep track of where your visitors come from and what they do once they get to your site. Google Analytics is a huge asset in gettin...

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Paid Search vs. SEO for Dentists

Posted on 02-09-2011

An especially astute reader of ours recently made a comment on our post about paid search for your dental website.  She said that many more people would click on a natural search result over ...

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Super Bowl Ads and Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-08-2011

During the Super Bowl, we got a great example of how ads should and shouldn't be for your dental website."What is GoDaddy?" someone asked, while we were watching."Exactly!" I e...

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The Mindset for Traffic Investing

Posted on 02-07-2011

In our last post we talked about the idea of investing in your dental website's traffic, even if it is expensive. If spending $2,500 on traffic to get a single patient who pays $5000 over five yea...

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Your Lifetime Patient Value

Posted on 02-03-2011

Sometimes you'll be buying ads to send traffic to your dental website and you'll wonder if you're really getting your money's worth. For example, you might spend $2500 on a directory listing and g...

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Removing Escapes to Increase Productivity

Posted on 02-02-2011

If you have felt a personal roadblock in your dental website marketing, then there is a strong possibility that you are letting distractions or "escape" activities get in the way of your...


Guilt by Association and Your Email Marketing

Posted on 02-01-2011

When you're creating communications for your dental website, some ideas for headlines and email messages may seem like a good plan at first, but are too similar to what some shady online character...

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