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What to Do When Your Dental Website is Under Construction

Posted on 03-28-2011

Whether you have a dental website marketing service or not, you will have times when your site is being worked on and it will feel like there's productive you can do in the moment. Maybe you feel ...


Is Your Dental Office Name On Your Pizza Box?

Posted on 03-25-2011

Today we have another "break room food" inspired post.Our DentalMatrix team hit a new milestone in business development, so we were treated to a pizza lunch. When the pizza was delivered...


The Non-Dentist Branding Extreme

Posted on 03-23-2011

It's a great idea for business owners to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Some dentists like to position themselves based on their specialties, such as "oral health expert," ...


Is Your Dental Cake a Liar?

Posted on 03-21-2011

One savored tradition at DentalMatrix is honoring our team members' birthdays with a monthly cake and candles. We had an interesting experience today with the affair.We ordered two cakes from the ...

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Google Intelligence Alerts and Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-18-2011

One thing we like to do with our DentalMatrix blog is share tools that will help you make the most of your dental website. Today, SEOmoz had a great descriptive article about how Google Intelligen...


Picking the Day to Post on Your Dental Blog

Posted on 03-16-2011

This past Monday, we explored what time of day had the best response rate for patient emails and newsletters.  Today we're going to look at blogging: specifically what days are ideal.Blogging i...


Scheduling Your Dental Emails

Posted on 03-14-2011

Sometimes a question comes of what the best time is to send emails out for your dental website. If you're sending a newsletter or an appointment reminder out, this is something very important to k...

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Is There ROI for Dental Social Media?

Posted on 03-11-2011

When marketing your dental website online, you may have tried to see what kind of ROI you are getting from social media. It's only natural to want to track the fruits of your labors and financial ...


Whether to Capitalize Letters in Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-09-2011

Sometimes we get the question of how capitalization of words affects your SEO. In this post, we'll explore the effects of capitalizing your URL's and capitalizing your keywords on your own page.How ...

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Relevant Directory Submission

Posted on 03-07-2011

If you've been marketing your dental website for any length of time, you've probably thought about submitting your site to directories. You can gain a lot of link value, especially in the beginning,...

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The Link Architecture of Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-03-2011

With the creation of your dental website, you can decide how your linking structure is set up. There are generally two types of linking structures you can have.Flat architecture is when any page o...


The Hotmail Dentist

Posted on 03-02-2011

When you market your dental website, you must keep in mind that it's essential for you to project a professional image at all times. This is a big reason for maintaining an attractive website.You'...

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Using the "Coffee Shop Test" for Dental Websites

Posted on 03-01-2011

The first thing you want covered with your dental website is to make sure that everyone unequivocally knows you run a dental practice. This may seem obvious to you, but your web visitors do not ha...

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