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DentalMatrix Blog

DentalMatrix Blog

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Getting to Your Dental Website Goals Like a Guided Missile

Posted on 04-29-2011

In the acclaimed book "Psycho-Cybernetics," Maxwell Maltz introduces the concept of seeing your subconscious mind like a guided missile. Just like a missile locks on a target, your subcons...


Keeping Positive When a Provider Disappoints

Posted on 04-27-2011

These days, products and services let us down more than at any time in history. It's not necessarily that they are bad, but because technology speeds at such a rate that new products get rolled ou...

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Visualization Technique for Your Dental Practice

Posted on 04-25-2011

In the fall, we talked about how using visualization can help you expand your practice and achieve your goals.  Today we have a new technique to use visualization tools to bring you to success ...


Do You Use Paid Stock Photos on Your Dental Site?

Posted on 04-22-2011

When you're adding new posts and content to your dental website, you may feel the temptation to save on expenses whenever possible.  Maybe you think, "No one will notice if I swipe this imag...


Your Auto-Generated Dental Advertising

Posted on 04-20-2011

As your market your dental website, you will see many possibilities for advertising. An expanding trend is the ability to auto-populate your advertisements with demographic information. This week, I...


Answering "Idiotic" Questions from Patients

Posted on 04-18-2011

The question below came from a real newspaper advice column:"Dear Abby, I have a man I can't trust. He cheats so much, I'mnot even sure the baby I'm carrying is his."When we read things li...

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Sharing 3rd Party Content on Your Dental Blog

Posted on 04-15-2011

It is helpful to both your readership numbers and your Google rankings to have ongoing content posted to your dental website. There are times when this is difficult, because you feel you're out of m...


Do You Hang Up On Dental Patients?

Posted on 04-13-2011

Earlier today, I called some printing firms to find pricing for a brochure we'll be sending out in the near future. These printing companies often don't have pricing on their sites, so you have to...

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Microtasks in Dental Marketing

Posted on 04-11-2011

One thing you can do to become more efficient in dental marketing is to find and complete microtasks.A "microtask" is a small objective you can take care of in under two minutes. You've pr...

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Call Tracking & Your Dental Website

Posted on 04-08-2011

In your adventures promoting your dental website, it's a "must have" to get verification of the results of your marketing labors. Maybe marketing firms make big claims abut it's not clear ...


Keeping Improvements Up for Your Dental Website

Posted on 04-06-2011

This week, SEOmoz had an impressive April Fool's joke that even I fell for. They introduced a program, "FutureRank BETA," which was promised to give an accurate prediction of what your sit...




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