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What to Do When Your Dental Website is Under Construction

What to Do When Your Dental Website is Under Construction

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Posted on 03-28-2011

Whether you have a dental website marketing service or not, you will have times when your site is being worked on and it will feel like there's productive you can do in the moment. Maybe you feel like your hands are tied.

"I can't write blog posts if my blog is locked for editing," or "I can't get links to help my SEO while my site is under construction."

If you want to have a break, then take one. There's nothing wrong with relaxation. However, this should be thought out and deliberate, not coming from a convenient excuse of your website being renovated. If your blog is locked, you can write posts in a Word document. If your site is not presentable for link requests, then you can make a spreadsheet of potential webmasters to ask the following week. Even if the internet isn't working nationwide, you can always call networking contacts for referrals.

There is ALWAYS something you can do.

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