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Dental Money Block: The Wealthy & Weird

Dental Money Block: The Wealthy & Weird

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Posted on 05-13-2011

Recently, a friend showed me a picture of a humongous mansion owned by a local billionaire.  She said, "I'm glad I don't have that much money.  If you get into the billions, your head gets screwed up."  She gave examples of millionaires and billionaires with neurotic behavior.

Thinking about very rich people this way creates a ceiling which insulates you against that kind of success, and very likely any success close to it.  If you're worried you'll go from kind, gentle dentist to evil deranged dentist from becoming a millionaire, then you'll probably semi-intentionally cut yourself off from success.

Also, this mindset is likely to not even be true.  While people can stick out if they're rich and weird, there are also countless people who are poor and act strangely.  If you see someone very grouchy in line at Starbucks, you could assume "She's used to always getting her way because she's rich," or "She's mad she's about to miss her bus, because she can't afford a car."

We tend to drastically overestimate how good we are at linking cause and effect.  To make yourself the most receptive to wealth, give rich people the benefit of the doubt as much as possible.

Kapri said:

That takes us up to the next level. Great potsnig.

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Janine said:

Thanks for the isinght. It brings light into the dark!

2011-12-31 09:48:12

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