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Evading the Dark Seduction of Ratios

Evading the Dark Seduction of Ratios

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Posted on 06-15-2011

http://dentalmatrix.com/blog/b_7196_evading_the_dark_seduction_of_ratios.htmlA lot of great things can come from being a "stats junkie" and progressively improving your conversion rates and ratios for your dental web marketing.   You may be regularly checking out your traffic stats, your newsletter signups, and what percentage you get into the door.

While helpful, there are some very real drawbacks to this mindset.  Once you latch onto a really good rate, (i.e. having 20% of visitors join your newsletter), the temptation is to preserve that ratio at all costs.  You'll know, on some level, that that number will go down drastically as you get more traffic from alternative sources, so that can be a source of discouragement to expand your reach.

Make sure you always remember your top priority is to bring in more business and not have impressive numbers.  It's great to constantly improve numbers as you can, but never sacrifice something that could bring in more cashflow for your practice. 

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