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Dental Webinars and Responsibility

Dental Webinars and Responsibility

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Posted on 06-22-2011

Lately, the webinar has become a very popular marketing tool for small businesses, including in the healthcare industry.  Webinars are similar to teleconferences, but have the presentation made online so someone can see a visual representation of what's being talked about.

Something odd I've seen in these webinars is that speakers often set themselves loose of responsibility in these situations.  In a webinar this morning, a speaker said "Can someone turn their sound on mute? I hear an echo."  In another webinar, the speaker actually cancelled the presentation because someone had music playing in the background and was unable or unwilling to shut it off.

Dentists and other business owners need to embrace the fact that you must take 100% responsibility for your patient's experience, even if there are outside forces at work.  This means that you don't let your patients be at the mercy of an inconsiderate music player online.  Instead, you build a plan that takes into account contingencies for these kinds of things, and you select providers that prevent problems like this.   There will be things that happen out of your control, and unanticipated, but you still have to own the event and take responsibility, as you adjust for next time. 

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