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A Guide to Shooting Your First Video

A Guide to Shooting Your First Video

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Posted on 07-18-2012

5 Tips For Creating a Video for Your Dental Practice


There are several factors to consider when shooting your first video for your dental practice. You will need to consider things like lighting, sound, script, location and more. Today’s blog will discuss 5 tips to help you shoot a great video.

1.    Enjoy, smile, repeat.

You may have watched a video where the speaker appears bored or is speaking in a flat, monotone voice.  To avoid sounding monotone like Ben Stein, shoot a couple of practice segments to get comfortable with the camera and the script. Also, be sure to SMILE! Smiling in a video will make a big difference in how viewers perceive you. If you are enjoying making the video, chances are that viewers will enjoy watching your video.


2.    Steady the camera.

Regardless of how great a video is, if the camera is shaky, viewers will not want to watch it. While many cameras have an image stabilizer built in, often this is not enough. When shooting a video, stabilize the camera by either using a tripod or by setting the camera on a solid surface like a bookshelf or stack of books.

3.    Location, location, location.

When selecting a location for your video, pick a spot that is relevant for your topic. For instance, you would never want to shoot a dental video in a kitchen.  Prestige Dental does a great job of selecting an appropriate location in one of their exam rooms.

Allowing viewers to see the office helps them to become comfortable with your practice before they schedule an appointment.

4.    What makes you unique?

Prospective patients are watching your video to find out more about you and what makes you unique. Tell your audience what makes you unique in a compelling way. In this video, you are representing your life and your passion so use phrases like “we believe that….” This type of phrasing will help viewers connect with you and see why you are passionate about your work. When creating your script answer questions like “why do I offer this procedure?” and “what makes me different?” Stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

5.    Lighting and sound make or break a video.

You may have found the best location to shoot your video, but it looks like you are shooting in the dark. To fix the lighting issue, you do not need to buy expensive lights. First, try moving the subject around the room to get the best exposure and sound quality. You may also try using a large piece of white paper or reflective material to help re-focus the light on the subject. Lastly, try adding another light source, like a lamp, to add more light.

Make sure the location is not close to the lobby or the reception desk where background noise will be picked up by the camera. Make sure you are speaking clearly and at an appropriate sound level. Good sound quality will make the difference between shooting a good video and shooting a great video.

Use these five tips to start shooting your first video for your dental practice. Remember to enjoy yourself while filming, if you are having fun, your viewers will too.

If you would rather have a professional video crew handle the task of creating a custom dental video for your practice, call our DentalMatrix Internet Consultants today at 1-800-IMATRIX today. Our consultants can discuss the benefits of our Media Service and custom dental video solution with you today!

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