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Why Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter are Good for Dentists

Why Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter are Good for Dentists

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Posted on 08-01-2012


In today’s world of tech-savvy patients, having a website for your dental practice is not enough. Many patients, and the whole world, are moving to focus on social media. Did you know that Facebook constitutes about 40% of daily web traffic of all Internet users worldwide? (Single Grain, July 2011) You may not be sure if you want social media for your dental practice, but you certainly do NEED it.

In today’s blog, I will discuss two ways that you can leverage social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter to benefit your dental practice and improve communication between you and your patients.

1. Social Media Connects You to Current and Prospective Patients

Maintaining your practice’s website by posting pictures, articles and blogs is good for business and I encourage you to continue to do this regularly. However, you need to expand your audience. Many prospective patients use your dental website to get information about you, your hours, your phone number and your address or to learn more about what dental services you offer. But what about the patients that already know your address and phone number? They probably won’t return to your site often.

White Plains New York Dental is active on Facebook

The great news is that social media sites will help you stay connected to your existing patients on a site they probably check rather frequently and expands your reach to potential patients. For example: you post a dental cleaning special on your website and the special will be seen by new patients and a handful of current patients. Now you post the same cleaning special to your dental practice’s Facebook page. Once on your Facebook page, the special is seen by all your Fans, anyone who visits your Facebook page (even if they aren't a fan yet), and the friends of your Fans who “like” or “share” your special.

2. Your Search Rankings are Improved by Social Media

Not only does social media expand your audience, it also improves your overall Search Engine Optimization. Creating a well-constructed, original website does help your SEO, and adding social media further improves your SEO. If a dentist creates a website with pertinent information about dental care, the site will be crawled by Google and will have good results. If another dentist also produces a pertinent, well crafted website but also creates a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest page for their dental practice, Google will crawl the website and the social media pages. This will produce GREAT results. By creating these social media pages for your dental practice, you are telling Google that you are serious about creating a unified and strong web presence.

As a dentist, you need social media for your dental practice. Not only does social media help you stay connected with your patients, it makes you part of a community. If you consider your website the “meat and potatoes” of your Web Marketing plan, then social media is the “dessert.” By integrating both your website and social media, you are creating an entire “meal,” and Google definitely likes a complete meal when it comes to ranking websites.  

Do you need some help with managing your social media presence? Call our DentalMatrix Internet Consultants at 1-800-IMATRIX to learn how our Social Media Service can expand your audience and improve your search rankings.

Lyca said:

If the local affiliates (TV, Radio or Newspaper) have polpuar websites, you might want to consider those sites to manage costs. Otherwise, the most polpuar search engines are, aside from Google, Yahoo, MSN. You can also do a web search for most polpuar web directories, and see what comes up there, which will give you a good idea where to start . Remember, impressions and click-through ratios are most important when deciding.

2012-09-29 01:34:41

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