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How to Measure the ROI of an Adwords Video PPC Campaign

Posted on 11-14-2012

By:Chrystal Lenardson How you measure the ROI of a video ad depends largely on the goals driving a marketing campaign. ROI is a measurement of the profitable return of a marketing method against...

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An Easy Way to Track Success for PPC

Posted on 11-07-2012

By:John DaSilva Tracking your Success for PPC is easy, simply link your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts. By linking these two accounts, you will be able to track what path visitors wh...

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What is PPC Retargeting?

Posted on 10-31-2012

 By: Mike Garcia A PPC retargeting campaign markets to online users based on their search and browsing history. Have you ever noticed that you start seeing online ads for a company after you hav...

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Design Effective Landing Pages for PPC Ads

Posted on 10-24-2012

By: Jesus Maldonado The first thing a visitor sees once they have clicked on a pay-per-click (PPC) ad is the landing page. Landing pages are great avenues for collecting contact information, mark...

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PPC Ad Copy for Your Dental Practice: 3 Ways to Write Effectively

Posted on 10-17-2012

By: Jacques TaylorWhen running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for your dental practice, effective ad copy is essential to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Here are three tips to get you start...

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Why Dentists Need Video Advertising

Posted on 10-10-2012

By Fletcher Walters About 4 billion videos are watched daily, according to YouTube. According to this statistic, almost half of the population of the world views an interesting video each day. ...

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Merging Google+ Local and G+ Business Pages: Your How-To Guide - Special Edition

Posted on 10-04-2012

By: William Foody Not long ago, Google replaced Google Places listings with Google+ Local pages. If your dental practice had a Google Places listing, your practice will now have a Google+ Local ...

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Paid Search Advertising: The Next Marketing Step for Your Business?

Posted on 10-03-2012

By:Darci Daneshvari The white-colored results which take up the majority of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are referred to as organic search results. As an exampl...

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How Metadata and Content Are Affecting Your Rankings

Posted on 09-25-2012

By: Fletcher Walters Does Metadata and Content Really Impact My SEO? Many small business owners ask this question about whether website content and metadata really impact search engine rankings. ...

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Tips to Optimizing Page Content Effectively

Posted on 09-19-2012

By: Rachel Cunningham On-page optimization is a key component to improving your organic search rankings. There are several important factors in on-page optimization and in this blog we examine how...

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How to Get Started with SEO Content Writing for Your Dental Practice

Posted on 09-12-2012

By:Courtney Hartmann Content for your website is one of the most essential components for increasing both your online rank and credibility. Your content should include keywords you...

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Simple Steps To Promote Your Social Media Pages

Posted on 08-29-2012

By: Kate Huebler For many people that are tentative about technology, social media can seem like a mysterious marketing tool. Rather than thinking of it as a technology, think of it...

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4 Tips to Creating Engaging Social Media Posts

Posted on 08-22-2012

By:Courtney Hartmann At this point, you have likely created social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) for your dental practice. What is the next step? Engagement! Engagement is the ke...

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3 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Branding

Posted on 08-15-2012

By:Jesus Maldonado In her article “100 More Social Media Statistics for 2012,” Cara Pring states that 50% of people follow a brand through social media and that Twitter is being used as a mark...


Build an Online Social Media Presence for Your Dental Practice

Posted on 08-08-2012

By:William Foody The number of social media users on Facebook and Twitter has a combined number of 1.5 billion people and counting. Think about that number in terms ...

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Why Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter are Good for Dentists

Posted on 08-01-2012

By: Lee Moiseve In today’s world of tech-savvy patients, having a website for your dental practice is not enough. Many patients, and the whole world, are moving to focus on social...

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4 Ways to Make Your YouTube Dental Videos SEO-Friendly

Posted on 07-25-2012

By: Fletcher Walters Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for marketing online videos for your dental practice. Following specific guidelines when shooting videos for your o...

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A Guide to Shooting Your First Video

Posted on 07-18-2012

5 Tips For Creating a Video for Your Dental Practice By:William Foody There are several factors to consider when shooting your first video for your dental practice. You will need to consider t...

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The Ins and Outs of Video: 3 Ways Video Benefits Your Dental Business

Posted on 07-11-2012

By:Darci Daneshvari With over 800 millions unique users monthly, YouTube is the second largest serach engine in the world; over 60 hours of new video are uploaded on YouTube every minute covering ...

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4 Easy Steps for Creating an Authorship Tag for Google

Posted on 06-27-2012

By: Mike Garcia If you have done a online search using Google recently, you may have started to notice that some search results show a picture and a by-line for blogs or articles. These new ‘by...

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Your Guide To Creating a Google + Page

Posted on 06-20-2012

By:John DaSilva In June 2011, one year ago, Google debuted their new social network: Google Plus. Over the course of the past year, Google Plus has become THE social network for people that a...

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Dealing with Negative Reviews: How to turn an angry patient into your biggest fan (and get some free marketing)

Posted on 07-29-2011

With the rise of social media and online review sites, word of mouth is becoming more important to dentists and dental business owners than ever. It used to be that an angry patient could tell th...


Why the Rise of Social Media is Good for Dentists

Posted on 07-20-2011

You may remember when marketing your dental office or clinic was a one-way conversation. As a business owner, after creating your marketing campaign you were pretty much done. Either your marketing ...


Facebook and Google+: Can They Help You Get New Dental Patients?

Posted on 07-12-2011

You may have heard that Bing partnered with Facebook in May 2011 to improve Bing's search results based on the websites that users are interacting with on Facebook. After the Facebook social searc...


How to Generate New Dental Patients From the Internet

Posted on 07-11-2011

If you are a time-crunched dentist and business owner, you probably want to concentrate on only the most impactful online marketing tools for your dental website. In order to effectively market yo...


Happy July 4th from DentalMatrix

Posted on 07-01-2011

We all wanted to give you a quick "thank you" for you continued support of DentalMatrix and wish you a happy and healthy 4th of July weekend. We are all very lucky to be in a nation wher...


Your Success Network

Posted on 06-29-2011

A theme you see come up in a lot of self-help books and audios is the idea that you are either pulled up or held down by the people you socialize with.Some even have an equation where they say if you ...


Dental Facebook Ads on the Increase

Posted on 06-27-2011

Here's recent development for dentists who have been thinking about using Facebook Ads for their web marketing initiatives.Two new things have happened with Facebook:1)    Facebook is i...


Action for Dental Marketing

Posted on 06-24-2011

I had a very interesting mini-metaphor happen in the DentalMatrix office today, concerning wealth and prosperity.The vending machine in the building tends to hold onto coins, so you have to shake it a...

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Dental Webinars and Responsibility

Posted on 06-22-2011

Lately, the webinar has become a very popular marketing tool for small businesses, including in the healthcare industry.  Webinars are similar to teleconferences, but have the presentation made o...


The Dental Web Marketing Terrain

Posted on 06-20-2011

If you're hiking a trail in the wilderness, things might not always go according to plan.  It may have rained so the rocks might be slippery.  Maybe the water isn't clean enough, or mosquito...


Dental Staff Competency

Posted on 06-17-2011

Last week, there was a very interesting post on Dan Kennedy's blog.  Dan Kennedy has built a large reputation helping dentists with practice management.  Here's the quote:"It is SO rare...

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Evading the Dark Seduction of Ratios

Posted on 06-15-2011

http://dentalmatrix.com/blog/b_7196_evading_the_dark_seduction_of_ratios.htmlA lot of great things can come from being a "stats junkie" and progressively improving your conversion rates and ...


Showing Appreciation to Your Dental Referrals

Posted on 06-13-2011

Here is a tip that many dentists miss, even though on the face of it, it should be very obvious.When a patient refers someone new to your office, it is essential that you promptly thank the original r...

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If Your Office Gets Poor Reviews

Posted on 06-10-2011

Sometimes no matter what great service you provide your patients, bad reviews can come up at online review sites.  A patient might have unrealistic celebrity-smile expectations from your work, or...


Email Tip - The More Emails, The Better

Posted on 06-08-2011

It can be astounding how often the best marketing practices go against common expectations.  Longer sales copy results in more sales, simple graphics often work better than complex graphics, an...

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Your Control in Your Practice

Posted on 06-06-2011

This past week, some of the Dental Matrix team went to a pizza joint on a lunch break.  We were dismayed that the pizzeria was not only closed, but had a sign with the words, "Due to events ...


New Building and Ceremony Pictures

Posted on 06-03-2011

On Tuesday, we happily moved to our new building in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego.  Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony: ...


Dental Matrix Moves to Bigger, Better, Location

Posted on 05-31-2011

Today is our first day in our new building.  We've moved to a bigger office with nicer desks, beautiful lighting, and much more space to build our growing team of internet marketers for dentists....

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Email Tip - Adding More Links to Emails

Posted on 05-25-2011

Here's another idea for how you can grow your dental marketing.Contrary to what you might think, adding more links to your email communications raises the chances of someone clicking through and sch...

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Email Tip - Mentioning Current Facts

Posted on 05-23-2011

When you're marketing your dental website through email, a great way to increase the amount of subscribers who click links and visit your office is to talk about some current truths in your commun...

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Marketing Hype and Dentists

Posted on 05-20-2011

As a business professional with a dental website, you'll often here reports and rumors about Google changes, economic events, and tips on how to manage your website marketing.While some of these repor...

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Facebook Ad Update for Dentists

Posted on 05-18-2011

If Facebook Ads is part of your arsenal for your dental website marketing, then there are some new changes to look at.Now advertisers can use broad-targeting "multiple choice" options so...


Are You an Unlucky Dentist?

Posted on 05-16-2011

This past Saturday, I was watching an old episode of the Sopranos. It was from the year 2000, but the themes seemed very relevant to the recent economy troubles and how major players were not taking...


Dental Money Block: The Wealthy & Weird

Posted on 05-13-2011

Recently, a friend showed me a picture of a humongous mansion owned by a local billionaire.  She said, "I'm glad I don't have that much money.  If you get into the billions, your head...


Can You Really "Just Get By" as a Dentist?

Posted on 05-11-2011

A very tricky concept for small business owners to understand is that you can never stay in one spot in your business success. Your practice and dental website will always either be improving or get...


Your Dental Marketing Fears

Posted on 05-09-2011

When you're promoting your dental website and dental practice, you will find yourself in situations that make you more than a little afraid. Maybe you want to start advertising for a competitive pro...


Being the Dentist Who Stands Out with Basic Professionalism

Posted on 05-06-2011

The great marketing copywriter John Carlton has a mantra to live by called the Professional's Code: "You show up where you're supposed to be... when you said you'd be there... having done what yo...


Staying Clear of Assumptions with Your Dental Patients

Posted on 05-04-2011

The concept that "you are not your customer" has been around in business for a long time.  When we operate under the assumption that the patient, client, or customer thinks or acts like...


Buying Where the Other Dentist Buys

Posted on 05-02-2011

In an earlier post, we talked about the pitfalls of blindly copying your competitor's dental website. Even if the other dentist is very successful, he or she could be succeeding in spite of the ma...

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Getting to Your Dental Website Goals Like a Guided Missile

Posted on 04-29-2011

In the acclaimed book "Psycho-Cybernetics," Maxwell Maltz introduces the concept of seeing your subconscious mind like a guided missile. Just like a missile locks on a target, your subcons...


Keeping Positive When a Provider Disappoints

Posted on 04-27-2011

These days, products and services let us down more than at any time in history. It's not necessarily that they are bad, but because technology speeds at such a rate that new products get rolled ou...

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Visualization Technique for Your Dental Practice

Posted on 04-25-2011

In the fall, we talked about how using visualization can help you expand your practice and achieve your goals.  Today we have a new technique to use visualization tools to bring you to success ...


Do You Use Paid Stock Photos on Your Dental Site?

Posted on 04-22-2011

When you're adding new posts and content to your dental website, you may feel the temptation to save on expenses whenever possible.  Maybe you think, "No one will notice if I swipe this imag...


Your Auto-Generated Dental Advertising

Posted on 04-20-2011

As your market your dental website, you will see many possibilities for advertising. An expanding trend is the ability to auto-populate your advertisements with demographic information. This week, I...


Answering "Idiotic" Questions from Patients

Posted on 04-18-2011

The question below came from a real newspaper advice column:"Dear Abby, I have a man I can't trust. He cheats so much, I'mnot even sure the baby I'm carrying is his."When we read things li...

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Sharing 3rd Party Content on Your Dental Blog

Posted on 04-15-2011

It is helpful to both your readership numbers and your Google rankings to have ongoing content posted to your dental website. There are times when this is difficult, because you feel you're out of m...


Do You Hang Up On Dental Patients?

Posted on 04-13-2011

Earlier today, I called some printing firms to find pricing for a brochure we'll be sending out in the near future. These printing companies often don't have pricing on their sites, so you have to...

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Microtasks in Dental Marketing

Posted on 04-11-2011

One thing you can do to become more efficient in dental marketing is to find and complete microtasks.A "microtask" is a small objective you can take care of in under two minutes. You've pr...

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Call Tracking & Your Dental Website

Posted on 04-08-2011

In your adventures promoting your dental website, it's a "must have" to get verification of the results of your marketing labors. Maybe marketing firms make big claims abut it's not clear ...


Keeping Improvements Up for Your Dental Website

Posted on 04-06-2011

This week, SEOmoz had an impressive April Fool's joke that even I fell for. They introduced a program, "FutureRank BETA," which was promised to give an accurate prediction of what your sit...


What to Do When Your Dental Website is Under Construction

Posted on 03-28-2011

Whether you have a dental website marketing service or not, you will have times when your site is being worked on and it will feel like there's productive you can do in the moment. Maybe you feel ...


Is Your Dental Office Name On Your Pizza Box?

Posted on 03-25-2011

Today we have another "break room food" inspired post.Our DentalMatrix team hit a new milestone in business development, so we were treated to a pizza lunch. When the pizza was delivered...


The Non-Dentist Branding Extreme

Posted on 03-23-2011

It's a great idea for business owners to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Some dentists like to position themselves based on their specialties, such as "oral health expert," ...


Is Your Dental Cake a Liar?

Posted on 03-21-2011

One savored tradition at DentalMatrix is honoring our team members' birthdays with a monthly cake and candles. We had an interesting experience today with the affair.We ordered two cakes from the ...

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Google Intelligence Alerts and Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-18-2011

One thing we like to do with our DentalMatrix blog is share tools that will help you make the most of your dental website. Today, SEOmoz had a great descriptive article about how Google Intelligen...


Picking the Day to Post on Your Dental Blog

Posted on 03-16-2011

This past Monday, we explored what time of day had the best response rate for patient emails and newsletters.  Today we're going to look at blogging: specifically what days are ideal.Blogging i...


Scheduling Your Dental Emails

Posted on 03-14-2011

Sometimes a question comes of what the best time is to send emails out for your dental website. If you're sending a newsletter or an appointment reminder out, this is something very important to k...

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Is There ROI for Dental Social Media?

Posted on 03-11-2011

When marketing your dental website online, you may have tried to see what kind of ROI you are getting from social media. It's only natural to want to track the fruits of your labors and financial ...


Whether to Capitalize Letters in Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-09-2011

Sometimes we get the question of how capitalization of words affects your SEO. In this post, we'll explore the effects of capitalizing your URL's and capitalizing your keywords on your own page.How ...

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Relevant Directory Submission

Posted on 03-07-2011

If you've been marketing your dental website for any length of time, you've probably thought about submitting your site to directories. You can gain a lot of link value, especially in the beginning,...

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The Link Architecture of Your Dental Website

Posted on 03-03-2011

With the creation of your dental website, you can decide how your linking structure is set up. There are generally two types of linking structures you can have.Flat architecture is when any page o...


The Hotmail Dentist

Posted on 03-02-2011

When you market your dental website, you must keep in mind that it's essential for you to project a professional image at all times. This is a big reason for maintaining an attractive website.You'...

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Using the "Coffee Shop Test" for Dental Websites

Posted on 03-01-2011

The first thing you want covered with your dental website is to make sure that everyone unequivocally knows you run a dental practice. This may seem obvious to you, but your web visitors do not ha...

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When to Follow Up With Your Dental Website Leads

Posted on 02-28-2011

If you're taking advantage of the "Request an Appointment" feature on your Dental Website, you may be unsure about when you should pick up the phone and talk a new prospect. If someone o...


Google Places is Becoming Essential for Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-24-2011

As you optimize your dental website for the search engines, you may realize there are other things that contribute to your search traffic besides ranking well for keywords. There is a more multi-d...


Backing Up Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-23-2011

Earlier this month we have talked about some simple but missed parts of having a dental website. Today we'll explore something not so related to marketing but absolutely essential.Every website is...


Creating a Call to Action for Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-22-2011

This past week, we covered the importance of having your phone number very visible on your dental website.Today we're going to explore this more deeply and talk about having a call to action. You ...


Why You Should Avoid Blogspot for Your Dental Website Marketing

Posted on 02-21-2011

In the past, we've given recommendations to use free Google tools for your dental website, including Google Analytics and Website Optimizer.Today, we're going to share a free Google tool you shoul...


Can Visitors to Your Dental Website Call You?

Posted on 02-17-2011

Recently, we've talked about best practices for your dental website, mostly in reference to more advanced marketing strategies. Today we're going to go into something a lot more basic.Is your phon...


The Key to Settling Dental Website Marketing Disputes

Posted on 02-16-2011

When you're putting together a plan of attack for your dental marketing website, you will find that you sometimes differ with your staff or marketing consultant on what to do. There's an easy solu...


Marketing Rule-Breaking and Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-15-2011

With your dental website, you may hear some rules about how web marketing should be. Sometimes these rules match your common sense and other times, you feel like you have a better plan. My vie...


Dental Facebook Ad Tip - Connection Targeting

Posted on 02-14-2011

When you create ad campaigns for your dental website, make sure you look over all targeting possibilities. One you might have missed is the "Connections on Facebook" area. Go to "Ad...

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Super-Tracking for your Dental Website

Posted on 02-10-2011

To get the best results from your dental website, you'll have to keep track of where your visitors come from and what they do once they get to your site. Google Analytics is a huge asset in gettin...

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Paid Search vs. SEO for Dentists

Posted on 02-09-2011

An especially astute reader of ours recently made a comment on our post about paid search for your dental website.  She said that many more people would click on a natural search result over ...

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Super Bowl Ads and Your Dental Website

Posted on 02-08-2011

During the Super Bowl, we got a great example of how ads should and shouldn't be for your dental website."What is GoDaddy?" someone asked, while we were watching."Exactly!" I e...

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The Mindset for Traffic Investing

Posted on 02-07-2011

In our last post we talked about the idea of investing in your dental website's traffic, even if it is expensive. If spending $2,500 on traffic to get a single patient who pays $5000 over five yea...

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